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Food Rustic Tree Branch Card Holders: Speedy Gonzales, Cheese, Chips, Peppers Food Buffet

Rustic Tree Branch Wooden Food Buffet Card Holders

We offer these handmade wood card holders in our Etsy shop. I made a Mexican food buffet and added speedy gonzales on the cards. You can see him above holding a piece of cheese and the other two was peppers and chips.

If you want to buy these then go to our listing in our Etsy.

In the picture above we do sell the stumps that the card holder is sitting on too. 

 I sat the bowls of chips, peppers and cheese on the stumps as you can see from the picture. These wood products would go well with any food buffet theme that you want to do. They will work for weddings, birthdays, anniversary's, and the list goes on. Use the stumps to set little decorative items or cupcakes on. They make perfect little stands to prop anything on.

Here is a close up of the food card holder. 

 These rustic card holders will make your event look amazing! If you want some just head over to our shop and buy them up! We have tons of them!!!

Here is a close up of the other kind of card holders that we offer. These are pine and are smaller but very cute! If you want to buy these in our shop here is the link. 

A closer shot of the pine card holders. These little card holders make everything a lot easier and just really makes for a nice presentation. Can you see my tiny plastic hamburgers on the tall piece of wood. Are they not the cutest???!!! I thought so! I even added a few of them around the cheese bowl. 

 Here is the card holders with all three of them. I should have made my speedy gonzales smaller and moved him up so the card would have fit better. I was not really thinking about it when I printed these off. O well, they still look so CUTE!!! Always allow for some room on your card so that it will not cut off any of your pictures or words.

 Here are the stumps that we offer that you can set stuff on. I added the bowls of food that I had on them. Depending on the theme that you have going on you can fill small bowls of sprinkles, candy, chocolate bars, etc and just sit them right on top of the small stump. These are perfect for your food buffets. I love them!!! If your doing a rustic wedding you can try doing smores and just fill the bowls with marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate all separated into big bowls.
You could also try sitting mason jars on top of the tree stumps and filling them with something that goes with you event.

 So do you want some of our AWESOME wood supplies for your next event? Well, just go to our Etsy Shop and shop around to see what you can find! If you need a certain amount or need something custom please just message us and ask. We will see if we can do it for you. Thanks!!!