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12 Rustic Tree Branch Wooden Food Label Card Holders For Candy Buffet Or Birthday Party: Pepe Le Pew, Bubblegum, Pixie Stixs, Cotton Candy, Wax Bottle Drinks, Wafers

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I took some pictures of our tree branch wood place card holders and use Pepe Le Pew as the star. I just made up some cute little cards and printed them out. I should have made my skunk smaller and allowed room for the card to sit down in it. I forgot to pay attention to that when I was making and printing them out. I added pixie stixs to one of our wood vases and then sat that on top of a wood slice. 

We do have a listing available in our Etsy shop for you to buy 12 rustic place card holders made from tree limbs.  If you need more or less then just message us and tell how many you need. 

***********Some may be rough bark and others may be smooth bark based on what we have on hand at the time of your order. Tree types will vary between orders.******************************

The approximate diameters of the holders will range from 1.75" - 2.25" and are approx 1.5" tall. The depth of the groove is approx 1/2" deep, just allow enough room for the card to set in without covering any of your design or writing. 
Here is the Cotton Candy section. You can see that I piled up some fake plastic donuts on top of a standing tree branch in the back. 

 I figured out that my cotton candy didn't like the sun very well. This stuff was shrinking up to nothing by the time I got done taking pictures.

 Here is some pixie stixs that I added to one of our desk organizers. I thought it would work perfect for this because of all of the little holes that it has. I used a tall glass vase and added some fake donuts to that and filled it to the top. And I added a small stack of tiny wood slices next to it that we also sell in our store.

I don't know about you but I always loved those little wax bottle drinks when I was a kid. I added some of those to a glass mason jar. 

These place card holders are different than the ones above and are also for sale in our store. You can get 24 of them at this listing here. BUY NOW. If you need more or less just message us in our etsy shop and we will see what we can do for you. We also sell the the wood that the bubblegum jar and bowl of wafers is sitting on. We have so many different wood items to choose from in our store.