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Tree Branch Vase with Glass Pedestal DIY

Here is one of our tree branch vases that got an upgrade from Kayla S.  You can see that a glass pedestal was attached to the bottom of the vase to give it some height and character along with some shine and sophistication. A wood shaped heart with their initials burned in to it and tied on with some twine gives it a great personalized touch.  The patriotic Red, White, and Blue flowers make the perfect touch to this military family's wedding.

You can find the tree branch vases at our Church House Woodworks Etsy Shop.  The pedestals can usually be found in a Walmart or craft store like Hobby Lobby in the glass and candle holder section.  You can use a taper candle holder to make the base and then glue it to the bottom of the tree branch vase.  Make sure it bonds securely, you don't want it to come toppling down at your event!  She used a heart shaped wood tag for hers or you can also use a wood slice with a hole in it like the ones here.  If you further want to preserve your vase you can use an aerosol can of clear coat and give it 2 or 3 quick coats of a matte or satin finish.