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Food Place Card Labels DIY Printable Orange Deer Tent Cards For Rustic Weddings, Camouflage Weddings, Country Weddings, Western Weddings, Barn Weddings

 DIY Printable Food Place Card Labels 

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This is a digital download only. You will NOT receive a physical item. 

These are do it yourself food label cards for a Rustic wedding, barn wedding, country wedding, western wedding, Camouflage Wedding, etc. 

You will get 2 different JPEG templates with this download. Each template is on an 8.5 x 11 sheet. You will get 4 cards on each template. 4 With words and 4 without words. Total of 8 food label cards. You can tell the size of the card next to the glass of sweet tea picture I took. 

You will receive the 1 template that say's: "Deer Jerky" "Sweet Tea" "Burgers" "Antler Snacks". 

The other template is blank with no words so you can fill it in yourself. 

Once you receive the JPEG template just open it up on a PAINT program or in photoshop and add your own words. Make the text fancy or keep it normal. Once you have added your words that you like then just print them out on card stock, cut out and fold in half.

If you are wondering how I did the ones in the picture, I just took a colored card stock paper that had a pattern on it (Brown dots) and put the pattern face up so it would print on the white plain side. When this printed out, I just cut the cards out and folded on the line. This added some neat decorative color to the inside of the card. 

As you can see from the photo, I set my printer to print on BEST quality, and this is how the color orange printed out.

Depending on what type of printer you have and the ink will depend on the finished look of the card.

Just set the cards next to the food item so your guests can see what it is. Come up with some funny sayings for the food to give your guests a good laugh.

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