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Rustic Fall Wedding Ideas

Rustic Fall Wedding Ideas

Planning for a Rustic Wedding during the fall season is such an exciting time. The weather is just right and not to mention the decorating possibilities are endless. 

Pumpkins are a perfect way to set the mood for fall. Buy them large or small and scatter them around, or line them up to create a walkway. Put them on tables and sprinkle some pearls and fake fall leaves to make a pretty table setting for the guests. Add pumpkins down the aisle where the guests will be seated. For gorgeous backdrop photos just add large pumpkins on the ground with large baskets filled with mums behind them for the bride and groom to get their pictures taken. Have them hold a pumpkin that has their wedding date engraved in it. You could go with the traditional real pumpkins or you could spray paint them to match the color of your wedding. Embellish them with jewels and glitter for a real wow factor! If painting pumpkins doesn't sound like something you want to do then try using wooden pumpkins as centerpieces and wooden pumpkin table numbers. Have the ring bearer carry a wooden pumpkin ring holder instead of the traditional ring pillow. 

Apples, real or fake, can go a long way when using them for decorations. Sprinkle them all over the tables or use them for place holders by adding the names of the guests to each apple. Fill a tin basket with them and set some pretty fall colored flowers behind it to make a beautiful autumn backdrop. Use them as centerpieces by adding them to glass bowls. You could always use fake glitter apples and string them from the ceiling or from the tree branches if your outside, or make an apple swag on the guests chairs. Use real apples and add them to a tall glass vase, then fill the glass with water and add a floating candle to it for neat centerpieces. 

Food Buffet Ideas:
Candy Apples is always a big hit for most people. You can make them or have them made for you. The colors and candy coating can match the color of the wedding or it could be something bright and different. Tie colored ribbon around the sticks or use real small twigs stuck down in the apples to give it that extra rustic touch. Let the guests make their own candy apple by adding their favorite toppings to it. Serve popcorn that is sprinkled with brown sugar with candy pumpkins mixed in it.  Cookies that are in the shapes of apples, pumpkins, and leaves are a great choice. Apple cider and a large tin bucket filled with fresh cinnamon sticks is almost a must for the fall season. Mini Pies such as apple pie and pumpkin pie are great ideas to add to your fall wedding buffet table. So many different food items can be used. You can even do Fall Candy Buffets. Just fill different sizes of large glass jars with different kinds of candy, cupcakes, nuts, candy corn, etc. Use candy colors that are brown, yellow and orange to get the Fall Candy Buffet look.

Other Ideas:
String orange lights outside on the tree limbs if you plan on your wedding being a night. Roast marshmallows and play wedding games such as horseshoes. Do a search online to find fun wedding game ideas. Do door prizes and draw names to win prizes that your guests will never forget. 

The bride can do a white dress with a fall sweater shrug and the bridesmaids could do matching sweaters. Believe it or not, this is actually beautiful if done right. The bride can add pearls to her hair or even flowers at the top of the veil. 

Whatever you plan on doing, the most important thing is that you have fun and make it memorable. Don't stress out. Take time to stop and actually enjoy the wedding and mingle with the guests, play the games, kick back and throw your shoes off and have a good time. The wedding will fly by so fast and be over before you know it. Take pictures with the guests so you can make a memorable wedding photo book. 

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