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Fall Wedding Pumpkin Buffet Ideas- Reception Decoration Centerpieces

 We are currently offering Fall Wedding Pumpkin Buffet decoration centerpieces. We sell the large wood pumpkins and the small pumpkins. The small pumpkins are sold in our Etsy Shop as table numbers but you can order them without numbers on them. We do custom orders. Just message us in our Etsy shop and tell us what you need and how many. The large pumpkins DO NOT have words written on them. They come without words on them. I just added words in the picture so you could see what it would look like if you added words. You can take a black sharpie maker and write on them or if you have a silhouette machine you can add fancy writing on it.

These pumpkins pictured are all cedar wood and have been painted to resemble a pumpkin. We also sell the  wood stump that the large pumpkin is elevated on. Want to buy something? We sell it!