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Friday, December 27, 2013

Wood Tree Slice Confetti For Sale!

10 cups

This listing is sold by volume and not by pieces. A standard measuring cup is 2 cups, so you would receive 5 of those.

You will receive approx 10 cups of mixed wood slice pieces. Pieces will vary between tree type, shape, and size. Pieces are mostly under 1.5" diameter and are random lengths of anywhere from 1/4" up to 1.5". 

Use these to sprinkle around the table setting or put in vases or mason jars to give your rustic theme just the right accent.

*************************These are small pieces**********************************

These are natural raw wood.

We also have a lot of other products including slices of larger and smaller sizes. Just check out our other listings at

This is a stock photo but any orders will be consistent with what you see.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Cedar Wood Slice Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree- Rustic Christmas Ornaments

In our Etsy Shop

View all of our ornaments that we have available.

 12 pieces that are approx 3 inch diameter cedar wood slices with a hole drilled by the edge. Approx 3/8" thick.

Tie some ribbon or jute rope on these and make some rustic Christmas ornaments or just use for a rustic theme in any event or occasion.

We have these on hand and will ship same or next day and ship Priority Mail to help get them there fast.

This is a stock photo. Some variation will occur between pieces, but the photos are a good representation of what you will receive.